We are no longer accepting volunteers!
Mentors, please email hello@ugahacks.com!
Hey there future team member! Make sure you've filled out the participant registration form for UGAHacks first.

Alright! First, some real quick stuff to let you know what you'll be getting out of volunteering. Volunteers will be allowed to participate in the hackathon, like any participant. Volunteering with us will be a nice touch to your resume above simply participating, and you'll get first dibs on all the free swag we, MLH, and sponsors will be giving out, including a team member T-shirt! AND you'll get the chance to chat with our sponsors and MLH staff before the event for potential opportunities!

So, what's your full name? *

Is this your first hackathon? *

It's cool if it is! We're just asking.
Great, now we just need to know. When are you available to help us? *

(Psst, we really need help with setup before the event!)

Awesome, we can't wait to see you on the team! We'll be reaching out to you by email closer to the event. Anything you'd like us to know?

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